Engagement and activities on perseverance

Every year, HSD gives rise to many initiatives and activities in educational, youth, community, cultural, business, and other environments to celebrate students’ perseverance. Join the movement! Feel free to copy, adapt, or reinvent the ideas below.

Encouraging interns

Demonstrating to our corporate interns that we care about their perseverance at school.




Businesspeople meet the minister

Speech of Jean-François Roberge, Minister of Education and Higher Education at a luncheon held during HSD.

Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montréal



Cover the board in HSD colours

School perseverance ribbons handed out to board members at a board meeting. A gesture to raise awareness and encourage participation in HSD activities.

Concertation Montréal



Business + perseverance

Talks by Ubisoft about their CODEX project, aimed at supporting students at all levels and encouraging the rise of a new generation interested in creative technology. An opportunity for businesspeople to discuss school perseverance issues.

Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montréal    


Perseverance at school synonymous with entrepreneurship

A talk highlighting the importance of the social role of business. A conversation and discussion with René Vézina, economy journalist; Janie Thélémaque, of the Fonds 1804; and Grégory Excellent, of Capital plus. In partnership with Filaction and Groupe 3737.

Fonds 1804 pour la persévérance scolaire



Committed to fighting the drop-out problem

Meeting with Montréal’s experts in school perseverance. An opportunity for the business sector to learn about the priorities and issues of this societal project and reflect on what actions to take. In partnership with Ancre des jeunes, Pathways to Education Lachine, and Academos.

Chambre de commerce du Sud-Ouest-de-Montréal



Wearing the ribbon

Staff wearing the school perseverance ribbon and putting up HSD posters.

Groupe RHR
Brault & Bouthillier



Recognition of donors and partners

Recognition cocktail party for donors and partners, leaders of the cause in the business sector. An opportunity to thank them for helping make a better future for youth and to meet graduates. Wearing the perseverance ribbon required! In partnership with the Business Development Bank of Canada – BDC.

Pathways to Education



Large-format posters

Large digital posters placed in four strategic areas of the borough, aimed at raising public awareness of school perseverance and promoting HSD.

Comité scolarisation Lachine

Dropping out and health

Promotion of HSD on the public health and social services agency’s website and social media, with the goal of reminding people that dropping out of school is an important determinant of social inequality and health.

Public health department – Agence de la santé et des services sociaux de Montréal

Inspired yet? Register the activities organized in your community in the calendar to share them with everyone and show your commitment to helping students persevere in school.