For the future, perseverance is always in the present tense

Please join us from February 12 to 16, 2024 for the 20th edition of Hooked on School Days (HSD).  

Launched in 2004 in the Montérégie region, HSD has grown over the years into a can’t-miss event throughout Quebec. Its enduring goal is to remind us of our vital role in motivating young people and helping them persevere. Whether individually or collectively, our actions encourage young people from early childhood to adulthood to stay in school. 

 School perseverance is a group effort.

Teachers who guide, relatives who congratulate, employers who support, friends who listen, or coaches who motivate – these seemingly minor everyday actions have a major impact on young people’s perseverance at school and educational success.  

Come celebrate Hooked on School Days 2024 with us!

When we encourage, listen to, support, and guide our young people, their determination and perseverance shines through. Let’s give them what they need to believe in their dreams, unlock their potential, and persevere.    

 Success doesn’t depend uniquely on what happens at school or at home, though. The community as a whole and all the people who interact with young people also play a role. 

Libraries, sports associations, and community organizations offer resources and rewarding opportunities to learn, discover, and flourish. These organizations broaden young people’s horizons, stimulate their creativity, and encourage them to explore new disciplines.   

Such initiatives are essential and have a profound impact on creating equal opportunities for all, because every child, teen, and young adult deserves a chance to fulfill their potential. 

The daily effort of perseverance takes place in the present tense, but it shapes the future.

During Hooked on School Days, let’s renew our collective commitment to supporting young students. Help them overcome everyday challenges. Don’t hesitate to acknowledge instances when perseverance has paid off. Recognize small successes as often as possible. Whether you’re a relative, teacher, educator, employer, school-based practitioner, school support staff, or community organization worker, your actions and your presence make a real difference in each student’s chances of success. 

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