The Hooked on School Days (HSD), an initiative of the Quebec Network for Educational Success, are an invitation to all actors in society to be part of the commitment movement to promote school perseverance and educational success in Quebec

The 3rd week of February corresponds to a sensitive moment in the school year when a drop in motivation and perseverance can occur among young people.

The HSD open a dialogue with all members of the community so that they can express themselves on the importance of the role of each in the creation of winning conditions for the success of all young Quebecers, from the youngest to the greatest, and the development of their full potential.

Whether you are a parent, grandparent, teacher, community worker, support staff member or employer, Hooked on School Days are an opportunity to celebrate the success and all the efforts made by our young people in recent months.


Arbre de la Persévérance

Durant toute la semaine, les passants du Centre communautaire Lucien-Borne seront invités à soulig

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Mur de " mon pourquoi"

Les élèves seront invités à placer un post-it sur notre mur de la persévérance scolaire sur le

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Arbre de la persévérance

Tous les élèves devront inscrire sur une feuille d'arbre une raison de persévérer à l'école.

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